Business delivery and transport management

At TSPM, we know how important it is for you to count on a efficient and consistent distribution network. Which is why our team constantly work to process your orders carefully, so your merchandise will reach your client at the required date.

  • Coordination of workforce, reconditioning and available space, upon shipment’s arrival at TSPM’s warehouse.
  • Warehouse and stock management by TSPM; separation, sorting and receipt of consolidated orders; timely stock detention and release; daily real-time update.
  • Daily order processing by TSPM in support of direct shipment to stores on given dates.
  • Coordination with transporters and stores to schedule timely direct deliveries, often within a short timeframe.
  • Emergency delivery and planning; TSMP oversees deliveries and organizes substitute deliveries if need be.
  • TSPM stands by its customer service and delivery follow-up.

For a faultless coordination of your products and marchadise, trust the TSPM experts!

Client delivery and transport management

Direct-to-client business needs speed, which is where TSPM can help give your company the edge.

Our years of experience guarantee of mastery of all aspects of this field:

Point of export:

  • Unique and matched SKUs
  • Item and box pick-up
  • Residential and commercial delivery
  • Request planification and forecast
  • Daily (end of day) shipments
  • Careful packaging and merchandise presentation

Delivery point (presold merchandise):

  • Attention given of the product's condition
  • Careful order location and tracking
  • Returns and exchanges

Higher speed:

  • Flexible systeme for new orders and quick response during rush periods
  • Optimal management of client requirements
  • High level of computerized data

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